Classic commercial fruit beer pint glass

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Pint glasses are typically designed to hold 16 ounces of liquid and come in various shapes and styles. The most common type is the shaker pint, with straight sides and a slightly tapered bottom. Other styles include the tulip pint, which enhances aroma and flavor, and specialty designs featuring logos or branding. Pint glasses are made from glass or plastic and may include insulation or double-walled construction to keep beer cold. They are commonly used in bars and restaurants but can also be used at home for beer enthusiasts. Pint glasses are an essential component of the beer-drinking experience, providing both function and style.

Item No:   Pint Glasses
 Material:   Glass
 Process:   Machine made
 Could Pass:    Food test
 Samples time:  1. 5~10 days if at exit shaped and size of shot glass.

 2. 15~20 days if need new shape or size of shot glass.

 Packing: 1. Normal packing,144 pcs into export carton,

Carton with cardboard divider;

2. Customized box.

 Product capacity:  5000,0000~10,000,0000 pcs per Month
 Delivery time:  About 10-35days
 Payment terms:  Usually pay by T/T,Western Union,L/C or others according to your requirement.

Product features:

 1. Food safe grade glass body. It doesn’t contain BPA, lead, cadmium or any other harmful things to human body;

2. It is freezer safe;

3. The material is recyclable because it is totally mineral substance;

4.  It is environmental safe.


Pint glasses, also known as beer glasses, are a type of drinking vessel specifically designed to hold a pint (16 ounces) of liquid. They are most commonly used to serve beer in bars, pubs, and restaurants.

Pint glasses come in various shapes and styles, each with its own unique design and purpose. One of the most popular types is the shaker pint, which features straight sides and a slightly tapered bottom. This design makes it easy to stack and store, as well as providing a comfortable grip for drinkers.

Another popular style is the tulip pint glass, which features a curved bowl and a flared rim. This design is intended to enhance the aroma and flavor of the beer, while also providing a visually appealing presentation.

Pint glasses are typically made from glass or plastic, with some models featuring added insulation or double-walled construction to keep the beer cold for longer periods. Some specialty pint glasses may also include etched or printed designs, logos, or other branding elements.

Overall, pint glasses are an essential part of the beer-drinking experience, providing a comfortable and stylish vessel to enjoy your favorite brews.